FEAR 2. Pirates 2010 Fan Guide


The 2010 Pirates Fan Guide continues today with the major question marks in the infield.

1. What if Pedro Alvarez doesn’t have the immediate impact we all wish for?

2. Andy LaRoche moving to second base is a logical move.  But when does the move happen–mid season?  Or does he start the season at second?  Surely not?  The impact could leave the third base job up for grabs, but to whom?   And where does Delwyn Young go?

3.  Having third base filled by the likes of Neil Walker or Ramon Vazquez for half a season is scary.

4.  Is Ronny Cedeno the answer at shortstop?

5.  Have the Pirates seen enough of Steve Pearce at 1B?  Surely they have.  Do you think, like we do, that Garrett Jones can win the firstbase  job in spring training?  Jones would provide one name that can be counted on everyday for JR.  Or was Jones a flash in the pan?  No.   Please tell me no.

6.  Is this as bad as it looks in writing?   The Pirates active roster of infielders is as follows:  Bixler, Cedendo, Cruz, LaRoche, Pearce, Vazquez, Walker.  Seriously.

Time to check out the movie that is eerily similar to the Pirate infield.  Trick or Treat has four storylines (sound familar, 3B, SS, 2B, 1B) that are molded into one.  Despite critical acclaim, it went right to video release.  Gulp.