What Some Crazed Baseball Fans Do in October; Jason Bay ‘Had To’ Work and Brock Lesnar Works


Rum Bunter is all about fighting and baseball today.  We have fan fights from MLB playoffs, the man without a team– Jason Bay, and the one man machine Brock Lesnar

The MLB playoffs are in full swing so it’s time for Rum Bunter to take a swab of the videos that show drunken baseball fans cheering, throwing haymakers, spiking chicks with beer and whatever else fans do watching baseball in October.

Must be freakin nice.

Cardinal fans are hated everywhere.  Check out the music at the beginning of the video from the Cards-LA game in the City of Angels…this chick never stopped believin’ even after the Dodger fan dumped a beer on her.  I admire wearing your team colors in hostile territory, but it’s amazing the boyfriend survived his chicks mouth.  [Tasty Booze]

Fan violence contines in LA, in this video watch quickly as the Angel fan drills the Red Sox fan with two quick rights about fifteen seconds into the video.  [Busted Coverage]


Never a fan of any team from Boston.  Sorry about your luck Jason Bay.  And oh, by the way, sorry about feeling like you had to ‘work’ when you were a Pirate.  From the Boston Herald.

"“I guess you could say that my time in Boston has revived my love for baseball,” he said.It meant that much to him?“I had a great time in Pittsburgh and I enjoyed my time there,” he said. “But I was here for a year and a half and I got a chance to go to the playoffs two years in a row.“It’s not that I hated baseball before I came here. But sometimes it became work. Sometimes you’re not doing well, you come to the park and it becomes a job. But coming in here, surrounded by good hitters in the lineup and great guys in the clubhouse, it really made baseball fun again.”"

Scratch another one off your wishlist boys and girls. ________________________

Brock Lesnar’s is in training for his fight at UFC 106 against Shane Carwin.  Check out the arm bar and mainly, how much time he is spending on the mat.  Gulp.  The big boy looks lean.  (Still mean) And if he can improve his mat work….he will be champion for a long time. Watch his throw at the end of the video.

And finally…the freakiest movie ever made for $15,000.  Unreal.