Pirates 2009 Game of the Year: Brad Lidge We Love You. XOXOXO. Sincerely, Pirates Fans


As the Philadelphia Phillies set their eyes on another World Series title, it gives us great joy to share this 2009 Pirates Game of the Year. The Pirates gave us little to cheer about this year; however, for one night at PNC Park we were able to provide you with this story. (And even better… photos of pissed off Phillie fans.)

Enjoy it one more time.

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Brad Lidge,
Pirate Fans

Dearest Brad,  I just owned you tonight. Love Always, Andrew McDunkchen.              Photo Peter Diana PG

Andrew McCutchen jumps higher than Jordan.  FACT.  We learn something new every night with this Pirates ball club and last night was no different.  The Pirates earned the biggest win of the 2009 season hanging the ninth blown save on Phillies “closer” Brad Lidge

Ok, I admit we weren’t thrilled with Luis Cruz leading off the ninth inning with the Bucs down a run after anti-closer Matt Capps gave away another lead to the World Champs, but hell, Cruz was facing Lidge.  Cruz had just made a great catch with the infield in to preserve a run, not that we would need that run anyway, Cruz still ripped Lidge for a leadoff single and went to second on a Lidge wild pitch.

Brian Bixler pinch ran for Cruz and scored on a game tying single by Brandon Moss.

The crowd was about to witness well, what Pirates are supposed to do.

And according to the dictionary, what is a Pirate?  With a little help from VP of Creative for Rumbunter, Nick C, we can answer that for you.  A Pirate is someone who robs or plunders their bounty (a win in this situation) from any sovereign nation (Filth-adelphia loosely applies as a sovereign city at least); or a Pirate takes by the use of force.  McCutchen style.

Everyone at the game joked, even I can hit this guy.  The Phillies closer/phenom Brad Lidge has turned into a pyromanic for the champs.  But only a few people called this one as Andrew McCutchen stepped to the plate and ended the game with a monster two-run homer to centerfield.

McCutchen has done it all season long and continued  to be the face of the Pirates franchise.  Cutch drilled a 1 ball no strike Brad Lidge 94 mph fastball into the seats in dead center field for the Pirates fourth walkoff victory of the season.

It was just another highlight for Cutch and his Facebook page.  McCutchen’s leap into the arms of his teammates started about halfway down the third base line.

Apologies to all of you as we failed to snap a picture, we were too busy taunting the Phillie fans.

What a great atmosphere at PNC Park, the video produced by the Bucs scoreboard team was tremendous.  It played as Lidge warmed up for the ninth inning.  It was hilarious.  I won’t ruin it for you, but will only say this… truly this game wasn’t over until the Fat Lady sings.

Last night, the Fat Lady didn’t even get her mouth open against the agressive Pirate bats.

A frustrated Phillie fan summed it up best after we were screaming today’s Rumbunter headline, ”Lidge didn’t even pitch a strike tonight, I just hope Myers had a good rehab outing.”

Yes, Brad Lidge, we love you.  Matt Capps Loves You.  Andrew McCutchen Loves You.  Nick, Third Boss and Andy Love You.  Teke Loves You.  Frank and Pops Love You.  Hell, the Pirates Love You.  The thousands of Phillies fans at the game tonight, well…who gives a rats ass what they think about you Brad.

Speaking of thousands of Phillies fans, nice work by the Pirates Sales Team.   If the Pirate fans won’t come out, it was a brilliant idea to reach out to the Phillie fan users from their website with a special offer for tickets at PNC Park.  Most of the Phillies fans can’t get a seat in their park, the Pirates had plenty to sell last night.

So what was the special offer anyway?   Come out to PNC Park, Let McCutchen Break Your Heart?  I like it.  Check out some of the pics of the Filth-adelphians we took while Cutch and the team celebrated.

We have tons of other news, including a great story forthcoming from ESPN Magazine that could feature some of the Rumbunter faithful, but everyone reading this right now,  this game was just too great to write about, you saw it.  Enjoy it.  Get used to it.

“]”] Doumit hit 12 batting practice homers. One went out of PNC Park. Yeh, yeh, BP is BP, but how sweet was it to see him crush that upper deck bomb to tie the game when in counted. [video below

Ross was Boss tonight on the mound. At the plate he was…well, nevermind.  The guy is a genius for godsakes!

Mom, It is gorgeous at PNC Park. Tonight we will break the Phillies hearts. This spoiler stuff is better than streaking through North Lincoln Hill on a hot night! Wish you were here!

Heh! Are you Brad Lidge’s Mom? Your not? Shit, I love that guy!

Heh, can you tell Brad Lidge we love him? Thank you!

Heh you! Heh, you guys with your head down… I Love Brad Lidge. His 7.33ERA is so hotttt!


$  The video highlights in all of their glory ladies and gentlemen.  Hell, watch them twice.

$Sano talks stall?  Huh?  Don’t bring me down with this bad news shit.  I have to go find some more Phillies fans.

$ Heh, ThatBallsOuttaHere, you know what?  That ball was outta here!  Cutch hit it.  So shiver this….the Phillies and Lidge lost to the Pirates.  Now that is a great joke. Muhahahahahahahaha!

$Charlie Manuel’s quote in the Philly Enquirer after the GAME, “He’s our closer, that’s the guy we’ve got.”  Wow.  Charlie.  We love this guy you’ve got.

$ The Arizona Fall League just got real exciting Pirate fans as John Perrotto reports here. Jose Tabata will continue his climb toward becoming the next Pirate to fall in love with Brad Lidge.