Fansided’s Adam Best Wins All Your Favorite Bloggers Money in Vegas, UFC 107 Kimbo? Golden Mustache. Meghan McCain. Eli Ain’t Ben.


Blogs With Balls was in Vegas and here are some pics.  Adam Best, the man, the myth, the legend behind took everyone’s cash.   Best is the best.  He’s my boss.  And is obviously the boss of the blog world.  Yet another reason why Fansided is number one.  It’s about winners.  Keep rolling boss man. 

[Blogs with Balls]

Will UFC 107 on December 12 in Memphis include Kimbo Slice?  Five Ounces of Pain thinks so.  [Five Ounces of Pain]

Meghan McCain unleashes the weapons of mass destruction.  Seriously.  Weapons.  DD  WMD’s  [Pac Man Jonesin]

Did you see Eli Manning chew out Ahmad Bradshaw (Marshall) for missing a block as the Saints routed the Giants Sunday?  Did you EVER see Big Ben do such nonsense?  Yet another reason why he is the best in the business.

The team with the mascot that rocks the golden porn mustache is coming to Heinz Field in six days.  They are undeafeted.  Beat up.  And certain to win the Super Bowl, just ask Peter King.  Well, wait, the Patriots demolished the Titans yesterday.  Regardless, bring on the hype.  [The Viking Age]