10+ Reasons Jeff Reed and You Need to Party Together


1.  Jeff Reed can throw 350 up on the bench.  Chicks dig that.  Vanderjagt can’t do that.  Neither can your kicker.

2.  Skippy pulls babes.   He also will suck in all those hefty two chinners you always leave the bar with every night.  Busted Coverage 

3.  After he autographs a heaving breast, he isn’t afraid to lean in close enough to feel if she shaved her legs?

3.  His Dad/Chauffer is always with him to drive your drunk ass around.

Chauffer spotted I 

Chauffer spotted II.

"He didn’t bring any other famous Steelers with him…..one guy that he brought was his dad, one was a chiropractor for the Steelers and no one seemed to know who the other 2-3 guys were with him (this could be you!).."

4.  Jeff Reed’s a mans man. He will run interference for you while you piss, even curl his fists and get cuffed while you shake it off .  He will also make a video.  (NO, not a Porn Video yet).  Simply because, well,  he can.  Also because there are two hot chicks he nailed in the video.

5.  He can go shot for shot with you!

6. When his lips start to curl, you can be there to remind him the chicks don’t dig this look.

7. You could provide backup when the flashing of Vag/Gang/Peace signs begins….

8. He always has a big Italian guy with him and blondes crawl on the bar for him/you and you don’t need to pull out any dollar bills (cheap ass).

9.  The ladies are drawn to his kicking tee.  (Swear to God that is the Italian guy in the background again!)  [Deadspin]

10.  Jeff Reed doesn’t need all the women. Jeff Reed will leave some girls sad and Jeff Reed will leave some of them lonely.  These are the girls for you.  [WJAC]

[BallHype-Jeff Reed Didn’t Satisfy Us]

11.  Skippy is good with a razor.  And a camera phone.  Ladies (Gents?), who doesn’t wanna party with a cowboy like that?   [Deadspin]

12.  He can curl hot babes poolside [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

13.  He is a good man who doesn’t run off the field after training camp to get a beer.  He takes pictures with semi-normal people (like Nick).

14.  After a great night on the lap dance circuit, he will ride in a rickshaw with you.  Obviously a bonus for you ladies. If you really have good eyes… click the link, I swear it is Jeff and the Italian Stallion in a rickshaw leaving the strip club along with a great story about a man afraid to get a lap dance. [PSAMP]

Who else would you want on the field Sunday afternoon against the Vikings with the game on the line?  I bet on your drinking buddy Jeff Reed to win it.

You with me?