Dominant Donnie Veal? Dink Dunk Vikings Sunk, Cuban Clears the Air Quickly on Pirates. Sigh.


Mark Cuban.  We can only dream.  Why wouldn’t he want to buy the Pirates?  Sure he tried.  

“No, I’m not buying the Pittsburgh Pirates,” he said. “I tried. [It’s] not going to happen. We’ll leave it at that.”

It’s a freaking cash cow.  Come on.  It’s not happening for a reason.


PHOTO CREDIT HERE.  Donnie Veal and Tony Watson

Donnie Veal is dominating in the Arizona Fall League.  Hell, Veal has stats better than Strasburg!  The Nats are getting ripped off.

Just wanted to get that sentence up quickly.

A rotation with Donnie Veal.  Hell, everyone knows the kid has major talent, but through five innings no walks?  Please don’t wake me.  Rum Bunter loves the Donnie Veal Experiment.

2010 could be a very happy place with a strike throwing Veal in Pittsburgh.  Hell, Veal is the lefty we have been dreaming about.

Word is the fastball is lively, he is showing command, and he just looks much more relaxed.  Keep an eye on this Bucco faithful.

Brian Friday and Chase D’Arnaud are not touching the performance of  2008 Shelby Ford in the Arizona Fall League (although Eric Young on top of that hitting chart makes me drool.) 

Yeh, it’s early but second base looks like an even more wide open race.


“I didn’t want to coach in Pittsburgh.”  Thanks Perry.  Move along.  We know all of your drills.  We know all of the mantra.

Another FO battle.  When does the madness end?

The behind closed doors conversations with other teams interested in Hill would be great to hear.


How about Jaramillo’s deal to become the Hitting Coach with the Cubs?  Nice work.  “The timing of it was just phenomenal.”  Really?  No shit.


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