Gene the Werewolf Video Sends Message That G-20 Couldn’t for Pittsburgh


Gene the Werewolf captured Pittsburgh in one five minute video that the G-20 couldn’t do

in months of planning. Pittsburgh isn’t about tough guy cops. Pittsburgh is about music. Winning. Action-packed events. Places. The boys in the band hit a home run. Congratualations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rum Bunter’s new favorite music action video is from Gene the Werewolf.   See them with the Clarks tonight aboard the Majestic .  Their CD release party is tomorrow night at Diesel.  Ladies, be there in the Gene Pool. 

The question… have you seen a band do the action genre better?  Hell, have you ever seen a band do the action genre in Pittsburgh?  Not since Bruce Willis (another tough guy cop) and Sarah Jessica Parker roamed our shores has Pittsburgh been shot so well. Send the memo to LA.  We have bridges.  We have championship football and hockey.  We have most everything here in Pittsburgh.  Except a big slugger.  And a closer.  And a…well, just Enjoy the weekend. And of course Gene the Werewolf.