Pittsburgh Pirates Halloween Party Pictures


The 2009 Pittsburgh Pirate Halloween Party should be a great time.  What will each each of our favorite Pirates dress up as this Halloween?   Well, if some of our Rum Bunter readers were the costume designers….

Bob Nutting as Balloon Boy

Most fans suggested the Pirates owner hop in the real thing, but in case that doesn’t work/costs too much here is the site for the costume Bob.

Andrew McCutchen could surely dress as Jesus. 

The crown of thorns is the 99 losses.  McCutchen does walk on water and performs miracles nightly at PNC Park.

Matt Capps will be Kenny Powers. 

Solely based on 2009 performance.  *&%*in as***hole.  YOUR *U**IN OUT!

Garrett F. Jones will be Garrett F. Jones

The Legend.  The Natural.  He won’t even need a costume.

Ryan Doumit will be Glass Man

He was certainly breakable again in 2009 so don’t get to close.

Neal Huntington will go as Monte Hall. 

He will trade you one Big League Chew for four jolly ranchers.  Deal?

Donnie Veal as Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughan.

Veal will look great in glasses.   God, that will win scariest for certain.

John Russell will go as Vampire Bill

No bark.  All bite.  He treated Pirate fans like Sookie and sucked the life right out of us when he pulled Duke.  But now that I made you think of it, have you ever seen his teeth?

Ross Ohlendorf as the Smartest Man Alive

The Princeton grad has been called on a different level in this article, so all Ross really needs is the shirt this Halloween.


Lastings Milledge or Charlie Morton as a Klingon Eminem rapper.

Both are solid musically.  Not so certain about their Star Wars rockability though.

Looking for a Pittsburgh celebrity idea? 

Put a metal plate in your head (technically small titanium metal bows and ties), throw a white board around your neck with a Twitter logo and write  interesting Pirate facts while you are at the party.  Challenge and beat everyone in ”sports” such as, make a basket with your beer can, who can jump higher, tie their shoes faster, whatever the game, just be ultra competitive.  The first place most original costume prize will be yours.  After all, you are officially the most original and best sports radio guy in Pittsburgh.

Love ya Rocco.


The Party Host

If any of the Pirates care to join us, The 10th Annual Rum Bunter party at Fisherman Paradise   Cemetery starts at 8pm and I will of course be the Sausage Pizza Guy once again.  God, I love Halloween.

Brody’s Pet Zombie guards Fisherman’s Cemetery. Good Luck


Ladie are you still trying to find that perfect costume ?  Here are two links to get your inspiration rolling.

The 25 hottest celebrity costumes and also the ultimate link on Halloween Costumes for her.

No matter what costume you select.  Be certain to dominate the party a la Kate Jackson (please no breast reduction this year) with the stewardess costume, the nurse, the beer wench….

And don’t forget ideas for Fido: