King of Pop Night at PNC? Steelers, Sid on Rome


 The ECHL Condors are having a King of Pop night and this will be the jersey.  And….we can’t make this up, each player will wear a white glove. 

Pure Genius.

Write this down Bob Nutting.  Thursday night April 8 vs The Dodgers.  Sellout.

The Altoona Curve is the master at these promotions.  Remember Awful Night when the gall bladder of GM Todd Parnell was given away? 

Great Minor League Promotion Nights from Bleacher Report.

Top 10 Minor League Promotion Nights from Real Clear Sports

Tabata had a single and d’Arnaud had a triple in the Scorpions shut out loss. 


LT says he should play on Monday Night Football in his Timmons94 blog

Video of Mike Wallace from Behind the Steel Curtain.

Steeler artifacts in the Hall of Fame in this post from Blog n Gold.  Check out Bobby Layne’s helmet.  God I love that. 

Sidney Crosby, who Third Boss calls man beast, was on Rome.  Here it is

No wonder Crosby is the face of the NHL