Bradenton Tries to Find a Name for Class A Franchise


Bradenton is buzzing about their new Class A team.  The Bradenton Herald is running a story about what goes into a professional sports teams name, specifically some history on the Pirates is discussed.

There is also a poll with suggestions for the teams new name.  Let’s check it out.  After all, today is Election Day and what else is there to do until spring training?

Names on the poll are:

Pirates.  That is already taken by the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Is there a Mayflower moving truck outside of PNC Park I don’t know about?

Juice.  Come on.  Seriously?   You’re joking right?

Breeze.  What?  No.

Sailors.  Uhhh, hell no.

Explorers.   Nah, that’s an SUV.  Hernando deSoto will have to draw influence elsewhere.

Nevermind this poll.  Go back to staring at your calendar.  Or come up with your own name like I did, by clicking the link to the poll,  because those names are awful. 

I apologize, but you should really thank me, as we did just kill another minute until spring training starts.