And The 2009 NL Rookie of the Year is….


The announcement is hours away for the 2009 National League Rookie of the Year.  Of course, Andrew McCutchen is the only one true candidate, but to make everyone happy let’s take a look at the ”other” candidates.  After the jump…

Did you seriously think that I would list the candidates?  For real?  Andrew McCutchen is the Rookie of the Year.  Game Over. 

Some feel AJ Happ will win the award.  Do you like the fact that pitchers can win this award?  If you do, stop reading this and return to your spaceship. 

Do you feel that a Philadelphia Phillies pitcher can win this award?  If you do, please never come back here again.

Enjoy the pictures while we polish the trophy for the presentation.

The link to vote for This Year in Baseball Rookie of the Year Fan Award is here, vote a million times please.

Here is the link to former MLB Rookie of the Year winners.