It Wasn’t Us


We want to set the record straight.  What you heard about RumBunter is simply not true.  Yes, we travel to many hotels, but we had nothing to do with this.  Yes, we frequent these cities.  But we had nothing to do with this.  Nothing.  At all.  Erin Andrews Filmed Nude in Ohio, Milwaukee.

Be certain to check out the top prospect countdown at the guru of Pirates blogs, BUCCO Fans.  Number 13 was a surprise today for us, but after reading it, well this player could be the sleeper of the minors this season.  [Bucco Fans]

Did anyone notice the no huddle wasn’t in the mix at Heinz Field Sunday?  Arians is the king of film study, so I am curious if anyone heard the reasoning why the Steelers didn’t break it out?

Week in and week out, the blog PGH reads my mind in Steeler analysis.  Very well thought out post at this link.  (Again ) [Post Game Heroes]

The Phillies just got more desirable to me.  [Buge Hoobs]

Terminology is very important.  Very important. Just click it   [Holy Taco]

We are on on the road in DC this week with work.    We are thinking about a Ronny Cedeno Is Your Rebound Girl post….what do you guys think?