Hines Ward: The Bounty Was 10 Grand


Tidbits from the Hines Ward Show tonight:

The show started with The Animals…..Misunderstood.

Alan Faneca, Big Red texted during the show, I understood what you meant Hines.  86 replied with LOL.

Hines listens to Sade before the game.

Hines laughed when Ray Lewis tried the stare down during the coin flip Sunday night.

And this nugget, Corey Ivy, the former Raven, confirmed to Hines that the bounty was over ten grand for a Hines Ward knockout in the week 4 Monday night matchup last year.  Hines said, “I was honored.”

The matchup didn’t produce a Ward knockout, but did end Rashard Mendenhall’s season and produced this quote from a Baltimore linebacker named Ray Ray.

"“After the play, I wasn’t screaming ‘he’s hurt.’ I was screaming ‘he’s done.'”– Ray Lewis"

Mendenhall certainly looks like he is back.  He is getting better each week.  The Steelers can run their way back into the playoff mix if they keep feeding the RB.  Sunday afternoon can’t get here fast enough

No matter what Hines says at the wrong time, a Steeler fan has to love the Steelers Huddle.

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