Neal Huntington’s To Do List for Winter MLB Meetings


Pirates GM Neal Huntington has a big trip coming up.  We recently peeked at his to do/packing list.

Be sure to pack The Baseball America Guide to Minor League Players over the age of 35.

Ask Kristen to print the Google Search Results for baseball players + hurt+ last season + will play for pennies.

Ask Kristen to print the Google Search Results for free agents most discussed on Pirates blogs.

Send email to Dejan and Rob with two or three names of above results.  Each day.

Lots of Degree Deodorant in case George Steinbrenner starts asking those hard questions about ‘where are those revenue sharing checks going Neal?’

Pack that book I have been meaning to read.  How to Negotiate Effectively From A Position of Supreme Inferiority.

*****Reminder from Frank:  Be certain to use the name Rich Donnelly when you check in. If Nutting sees this $99 per night rate on your expense report, I am dead.  I still can’t get him to stop asking why we couldn’t do this meeting at Seven Springs.  All I can hear is him screaming, ‘Frank, it’s not like anyone else is staying there! We have availability!’


Notecards with quotes to practice on the plane bus ride:

  • ”I don’t think you can afford Ryan Doumit.”
  • Brian Bixler is just killing the ball.”
  • Wil Ledzoma is going to be our answer in the bullpen.”  (make sure you pronounce his name right)
  • ”Even if you gave me your three top prospects, I couldn’t move Luis Cruz or Ramon Vazquez, but if for some strange reason I could who would you prospects be?
  • “We love what we have on our 40 man roster.”

Make certain that the WHYGAVS blog gets coal in his stocking for picking on my robo message.

Set phone alarm every ten minutes.  Remember, to say as you leave the meeting room, “I thought you would see it my way, yes, we would love to sign another of your players Mr. Boras.”

Go to bathroom after you leave the meeting room and make certain that you don’t have any of those damn post it notes on your back that you wore all over town last year.