The Return of the Rubber Band Man?


Chris Disco Hayes is a great baseball story.  Since you’re obviously a baseball fan and not a fan of accounting and all the other garbage stories circulating around the City of Champions, we went to work on a potential, but very unlikely Rule 5 selection the Pirates could make.   

The Pirates opened another roster spot, by smartly allowing Jeff Sues go and he cleared waivers.  A move is definently in the works today and I don’t think you will be crazy about it.  

Hayes was a walk on college catcher who moved to a closer role at Northwestern.   Chris Hayes has the pitching delivery of the famous Bucco Kent Tekulve.  He was left unprotected by the Royals.  Curious move since KC was the home of Dan Quisenberry? 

Why the nickname?  He throws in the seventies.

Chris Hayes and his stats are listed at Baseball Reference.  But don’t read those, he struggled in AAA this year.

Chris Hayes interviewing his AFL teammate Matt Weiters.  I know, I know, even the mention of the name Weiters sends you into a mini rage.  Sorry about that Pirate fans.  But the interview is hilarious, especially…well, just read it.

Hayes interview on Rany on the Royals.

Disco interview with Baseball Prospectus Interview I and II.

Ok, check out this video when Chris Disco Hayes comes into his first game in ST. Why would they play Gone Country? C’mon Man! Focus.

Sure it was his debut, but do some research. Rookies get no respect.  Oh, the possiblities are endless for PNC Park.  In the interview, it sounds like Down Under is his preferred song.  Gotta love the Men at Work.

Check out this hilarious interview, this guy could fit in well in Pittsburgh. Rocco DeMaro would love his saber stats on his very well written blog as well.