Was Bobby Crosby Really Hurt?


The Pirates reportedly are signing Bobby Crosby once he passes a physical.  Crosby comes over from Moneyball GM Billy Beane of the Oakland A’s

Crosby was a whipping boy in Oakland.  Sort of like, well, never mind, this kid was the 2004 AL Rookie of the Year.  The reason that Miguel Tejada could be pushed out of the way.

Crosby passed up other deals because he wants to play SS with Pittsburgh.  He wants to be the starting SS with Pittsburgh.  You can read all about his disgust with playing so many positions with the A’s.  Let’s trust he wasn’t sold a bill of goods and the first time he plays 1B or 3B like he did with the A’s, he pulls a Perry.

Crosby has done little, other than keep his free swinging approach, since his ROY Award way back when.  I was attempting to figure out how in the world he will help the Pirates.  What am I missing?  I nearly decided one more win just wasn’t enough to post about, but then I stumbled over these quotes from Ed Crosby on Aug 2009, former scout with the A’s.  Oh, and also Bobby’s Dad. 

Below are some of the quotes from Ed Crosby and also Bobby Crosby’s history with injuries and well, injuries.

"“My feeling is that he has been messed with…Right now he is on the disabled list and he is not even hurt.  He had a twinge in his left calf, but it wasn’t serious enough to put him on the DL.  But they were just looking for an excuse.  Bobby’s not hurt period.Bobby Crosby Injury/Transaction/Injury/Suspension/Injury ListNovember 5, 2009Filed for free agency.September 2, 2009Missed 14 games (calf injury).August 21, 2009Calf injury, 15-day DL.July 18, 2008Missed 11 games (strained left hamstring).July 5, 2008Strained left hamstring, 15-day DL (retroactive to July 3).July 3, 2008Strained left hamstring, day-to-day.October 1, 2007Missed the last 62 games of the regular season (fractured left hand).September 16, 2007Fractured left hand, 60-day DL.July 25, 2007Fractured left hand, 15-day DL.October 15, 2006Missed 37 last regular season and 7 playoff games (lower back pain).October 3, 2006Did not make the playoff roster.August 25, 2006Lower back pain, 15-day DL.August 22, 2006Lower back pain, day-to-day.August 18, 2006Missed 12 games (lower back strain).August 4, 2006Lower back strain, 15-day DL.July 24, 2006Missed 2 games (back spasms).July 22, 2006Back spasms, day-to-day.June 13, 2006Missed 3 games (hand injury).June 10, 2006Hand injury, day-to-day.April 25, 2006Missed 2 games (tricep injury).April 23, 2006Tricep injury, day-to-day.April 8, 2006Missed 4 games (finger injury).April 4, 2006Finger injury, day-to-day.October 2, 2005Missed 5 games to the end of the regular season (ankle injury).October 1, 2005Ankle injury, day-to-day.September 19, 2005Missed 21 games (broken left ankle).August 31, 2005Broken left ankle, 15-day DL (retroactive to Aug. 28th).August 28, 2005Ankle injury, day-to-day.May 30, 2005Missed 48 games (rib injury).April 22, 2005Re-signed by the Oakland Athletics to a five-year contract extension.April 6, 2005Rib injury, 15-day DL.March 3, 2005Re-signed by the Oakland Athletics to a one-year contract.May 12, 2004Missed 1 game (knee injury).May 9, 2004Knee injury, day-to-day.April 28, 2004Missed 6 games (left knee injury).April 21, 2004Left knee injury, day-to-day.October 1, 2003Did not make the playoff roster.August 31, 2003Contract purchased from Sacramento (AAA)."