Pirates GM, Rocco, Kevin Goldstein Talk Pirates With Angry White Men


 Got a chance to listen to Pirates GM Neal Huntington talk with Rocco DeMaro on 104.7 tonight.  After the eight plus minutes of commercials with angry white men screaming political ads, NH talked about Matt Capps

The angry white men were awful, but more interesting.  Really, nothing you haven’t heard already.  But that is coming from an angry white Pirate fan who is a man, so perhaps I am biased.  Maybe the nauseum that NH said the money saved will go into baseball operations.  Hmmm.  Yeh.

He talked Capps for 25 minutes.  Ugh.  (It would be best for Capps to close or he won’t get paid as much.  Really? Just awful to hear NH talk about this)

Rocco asked about the Andrew McCutchen extension stories circling Federal Street.  NH wouldn’t bite.  Sounds like Cutch isn’t interested to me.   Yet.

NH also was able to speak about the Pirates future 3B.  NH said he checks in weekly with Pedro Alvarez at API where Neal said, ”Pedro is in the best shape he’s been since he’s been a Pirate.”  [Neal’s quote of the night, “but we have to get through the holiday season.”]

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus was on the show and spoke in regard to Pirates players in action this offseason.  His comments are below, not eact word for word quotes but damn close for you.

Donnie Veal.  The talk of the AFL.  Big physical lefthander who throws well.  Converted to starter.  Nothing short of outstanding.  (The AFL is a)League wide ERA over 5.00 and he was lights out, more importantly than anything, he threw strikes.  Much improved changeup.  Always been a big fan, definently has tools and made a real step forward.

Ronny Cedeno.  Huge upgrade over Jack Wilson.  Not a liability in the field.  Certainly not a Jack Wilson.   He pounds mistakes.  Has 8HR.  Always been a big fan.  He could hit 15 HR for the Bucs this year. (RUMBUNTER NOTE:  If you can see a man glowing on the radio, KG was glowing when he spoke of Cedeno)

Neal Walker.  Don’t think the bat is enough.  Got to wonder how much longer he has with Pittsburgh Pirates.

Ramon Aguero  …more than a strikeout an inning….  solid arm.  No stardom projected.  Solid stuff.  Nice middle reliever, nothing more.

Ronald Uviedo. Playing for the so called Yankees of the Venezulean.  He pitched awfully well.  League is hitting just .208 against him.  But his ceiling probably ends in the 7th inning.  [Bucco Fans top 20 look]


Daniel Moskos.  Do we have to talk about him?  His body is softer.  He employs this almost strange lean to one side, he is a mess, the league hit .349 off him.

Jose Tabata  he hit 392.  still say to yourself what is he?  not a CF.  corner guys need to provide power.  in a league that is filled with HR, he just hit one in 120 AB.  Is he a tweener?  Tools of a corner, but not enough bat to back it up?

Gorkys Hernandez  not hitting…..not living up to expectations…something’s got to give…keeps treading water

A plug for KG…We will have to wait until the end of January for the Pirates Top 11 Prospect list.  The Annual ‘preorders are available now and people are working until 4am in the morning to get it done.’

We will try and link a podcast or go over to 104.7 and pick it up.  NH started at roughly 35 minutes into the show.  KG started at roughly 70 minutes into the show.  If you hear angry white men, either NH or the political ads, just skip forward.


Oh yeh, the Bucs signed a LOOGY who had some rough outings last season especially against the Tampa Bay Raysand was downright awful in his career in the postseason.  Burning that Capps money up.  Yee Haw