Pirates Aki Says Buh Bye to Tampa Bay, Off to Win Championship


Akinori Iwamura is a Pittsburgh Pirate. RumBunter is proud to write that sentence.  But it pisses off the Twins fans… What on Earth Do the Pirates Want with Aki?

Many Pirate fans had an knee jerk negative reaction as it went against the moves the Pirates have made recently.  We didn’t feel that way, but it’s easy to argue.  For the Twins fans, what did you want the Bucs to do after you stole Sano from the Pirates?

It’s just a few months until the new  Pirate TV ads are released.  The storyboard ideas are being thrown around as we type. What do Pirate fans have to look forward to with the new marketing plan?  There will not be a Jack Wilson or Freddy Sanchez Pirate commercial EVER again. 

And heh, the 2010 John Russell lineup card is certain to have Aki batting in the two spot.  That translates to the Bucs scoring more runs.  Check out his OBP, then check out Freddy’s.  Hell, check out Akis OBP and then put it up against any of the Pirates in the two spot in 2009.

Tip of the cap to Rayhawk Review for posting the St. Petersburg Times ad that Aki ran about a month ago. Jack Wilson wrote an open letter to the Pirate fans.  Same thing right? 

Tampa fans are going to miss Aki.  Get ready Pittsburgh, a class act is coming to town.

Can’t we start spring training already?