Ronny Cedeno Super Utility?


Ronny Cedeno continues to dominate Winter Ball in Venezuela.  He is doing it all over the diamond for the Navegantes del Magallanes who selected him in the draft that happens after the season.  (Yeh, that’s a cool rule.)

Some familar names are navigating the ship for the Magallanes, Carlos Garcia is the Manager and Ray Searage is the Pitching Coach for Magallanes.  To say they made a nice pick-up with Cedeno is an understatement.  Gotta love that rule where you can pick up players for the playoffs.  Just love that! 

Cedeno has shown his versatility in the round robin playoffs.  Yesterday he played LF and 2B.  The day before he was the CF.  He had an assist from center field in the ninth inning of the 3-1 victory for his team.

Heh it’s just Winter Ball, but who would have known?   Cedeno’s bat is playing well too, maybe Goldstein knew something?

Elvis Andrus is playing SS, so Cedeno has shown he can play anywhere the team needs him.   It’s interesting to note that Andrus has hit well since Cedeno arrived.

4Jan10.  Box score from his time in LF and 2B last night.  Leadoff spot in the lineup.

3Jan10.  Box score from Cedeno’s three-for-five night in CF and LF.  Leadoff spot in the lineup.

2Jan10.  Box score from Cedeno’s four-for-five night in CF and LF.  Leadoff spot in the lineup.

30Dec09.  Box score from Cedeno’s debut in CF and LF.  He batted in the seven spot in the victory.