Ryan Church: Pride. Passion. Pray for Revival [VIDEO]


Dejan got this quote from Ryan Church On PNC Park: “I love it. I really do. And I like that short porch in right, but I also like how it works for me as a gap-to-gap guy. I get doubles, and I’d like to put a few into that left-center gap there and run. Defensively, I’m looking forward to playing with Jones, McCutchen and Milledge. I take a lot of pride in my defense, and I’ll learn all I can from those guys about how the outfield there plays.”

We were staring at the game by game breakdowns on Church this year and my jaw dropped.  I didn’t realize his 2009 broke down like this:

April 6-12:  Six doubles, no triples, no HR

April 13-May 19:  No doubles, no triples, one HR

May 20-June 24:  Eight doubles, no triples, one HR

June 25-August 6:  Two doubles, no triples, one HR

August 7-Sept 3:  Twelve doubles, no triples, one HR

Sept 4-Oct 1:  No doubles, triples, or HR.  Zip.  Zero.  None.

Read this post on Church by Mets Geek, which is a great breakdown they did last March.