Aki Fact Number 13, Pedro Checks in at Number Eight


Aki Iwamura will be the Pirates second baseman this season.  As I drive around our nation’s capital, everywhere you look someone is making a deal happen.  My thoughts about the Pirates biggest offseason acquisition came to mind. 

He’s been described as a work a holic and his numbers have always been solid.

Every teammate that speaks about Aki seems to talk like they are talking about their best buddy.

Classy guy.

Has made the move from 3B to 2B by working harder.

Earns his money and has performed well above his contract/paycheck.

Interpreter required.

Could he be fully recovered from his knee surgery?

Could the knee injury impact one of his most interesting attributes?  In 260 plate appearances last year he ground into just one double play.  In 2008, he made 707 plate appearances and had a rally killer just twice.

In 2008, Freddy Sanchez hit into a double play 13 times in 608 plate appearances.


The A’s continue to make big signings with Ben Sheets.  The Pirates big signing was Aki.  Something is missing.  And it’s called a cash infusion.

Pedro Alvarez was named the number eight prospect tonight on MLB TV.  The Pirates had one player in the top 50.  ONE.   Worried about Brad Lincoln yet?  I know I am.

Meanwhile it says here, the Royals had four? 

A number of farm systems ratings boards are coming up everywhere.  There seems to be little common ground, we’re in the top 6-15 in some, others have the Bucs right in the middle of the pack, some have us at the bottom of the pile.


Did you hear that State of the Union Address?  Wow.  Obama and Bob Nutting deliver similar speeches in the same week.

Our next post will be late Friday, promise to get some good stuff  before Piratefest for everyone.  Stay warm.