RumBunter Made No Formal Offer to Buy Pirates [Photos]


“RumBunter made no formal, substantive offer at a meeting four months ago with Bob and Mario and Ron Burkle,” he told the crowd, repeating Mr. Nutting’s remarks to us. “But what I can confirm for you is, at that time, today, tomorrow, next week, the Pirates are not for sale. Bob Nutting is committed to making this organization a winner again. He’s got a fierce determination.”

“He believes we have a good plan and is going forward with that plan.”

“Your next question may be, ‘Are you surprised that RumBunter was interested in purchasing the Pirates?’ And my answer to that is, I’m not surprised at all. The group at RumBunter are very smart business people. They’ve been very successful with blogging from their parents basement.”

“But I can tell you, Bob is not interested in selling. The team is not for sale. The team is not positioning itself to sell. Bob is determined to bring a championship back to Pittsburgh and see this process through…”

PirateFest photos are something we’re crazy about at RumBunter. These photos from Nick (Comments posted as The Big Boss and  his fiance Lauren were sent to our Rumbunter@Gmail in-box and much to our surprise included, Nick rocking a custom RumBunter Under Armour sweatshirt. Nice work and thanks for sending the pictures since we were too busy shopping!