Under Armour Winner is Jason; People of Piratefest Leftover Edition


PirateFest is a freak show. I love every second of it. Swear to God, we will have a booth next year and do some cool stuff.

Observations based on the RumBunter three, four, and five hitters watching the players last weekend as if we were interviewing for a real world job:

Ross Ohlendorf is the leader.  His comments that immediately preceded Lastings Milledge discussion about taking his talent for granted were resounding.  Whatever he learned at Princeton, in New York, and this summer have made him mature beyond his years.   He worked the floor better than any player.

Garrett Jones is still fitting in as a big leaguer.  He has a confused look at times when he squints, like he is trying to read the small letters on the bottom of the eye chart.  He doesn’t seem blown away by the success and interviewed well throughout the weekend. 

Andrew McCutchen is confident and relaxed in his ability.  He’s a prankster-he told the story of putting Kool-Aid powder in Garrett Jones spikes.  It stained Jones’ toes for two weeks.  Hilarious.  He knows what he can do. We could see it from watching his actions. He is waiting to prove it to the world.  Last year is long gone and just an introduction.  He’s noticeably bigger.  Forearms.   Stay tuned.  2010 Cutch Reloaded will be special.

Lastings Milledge was always with Cutch.  His body type seems similar.  His smile is contagious.  His injury seems to be waiting to happen, don’t know why but all of us agreed there is something, maybe posture, not sure, but something else we need to see.    God we hope we’re wrong.  When he spoke at Q&A, it was from the heart.  Just waiting on the action now Blastings and please stay healthy.  We don’t want to consider LF without you.  Ahhh, bad thoughts.

Charlie Morton is a gem.  Confident?  Not as of yet from our small time spent observing.  Talented beyond belief.   Great guitar man.   He has a Space Man Lee look to him when watching him onstage.

Ryan Doumit didn’t say much during player Q&A.  Cutch, Milledge and Ohlie lead the interaction as the majority of questions were directed their way.  He did have long lines on Sunday morning from 10am until noon.  We didn’t interupt.

Evan Meek has grown up.  Great speaker.  For whatever reason, the Rays didn’t care for him.  How fortunate the Bucs were on him.  Watch him in 2010.  Good stuff.

Andy LaRoche was relaxed, confident and funny in the interactions we observed.  He looked like he had arrived after running to the ‘Dave’ on Saturday.  No question he is working out religiously.

Steve Pearce is hilarious.  Arguably the funniest lines of the weekend. His Best?  Pearce talked about superstitions and drinking Red Bulls and pumping iron to get fired up before the games.  He then quickly added, ‘obviously it isn’t working.’


The Under Armour giveaway.  Pirate fans.    It was tough.   Because of the difficulty in selecting a winner, many will be pissed off about the results.  There can be only one winner at RumBunter.  You guys officially make it impossible for us to write captions, because each time we do,  you freakin make us look more and more like  ass clowns.  Ok, here goes.

Winner:  Jason.  The bell tower line just stuck with us.  Man, I don’t know why it just did.

Great stuff everyone.