Pirate Draft Options: LSU’s Big, Emotional, RH Fireballer Anthony Ranaudo [Videos]


Perhaps Anthony Ranaudo a 6’7″ RHP from LSU will be the Pirates first pick?  Many mock drafts have Ranaudo coming to Pittsburgh.   The MLB draft is still so far away, but get used to seeing a pile of videos on RumBunter of possibilities for your Pittsburgh Pirates.

Ranaudo was originally drafted in the 11th round of the 2007 draft by the Texas Rangers before deciding to go to college. Despite his huge size reports vary on a mid-90s fastball.  Ranaudos’ velocity dropped in the College World Series, nonetheless, he is considered one of the best pitching prospects in the country.

How fast do pitches look when the pitcher is 6’7″?  Faster than they actually are.  Ranaudo has a great curve, but can he truly be called a fireballer again?  Absolutely.

He throws a hard, tight 76-78 curveball which comes from the same arm slot as his fastball. His curve is just a nasty 12-6 offering and has the same flight path as his fastball before it falls from the sky. He also has a changeup to compliment his fastball, but his best pitch is the curveball. Now.  And check this out Pirate fans, some scouts feel he can work quickly through the minors because he is very polished and has a deceptive delivery.  Jackpot?  If only it was so easy in baseball drafts.

Ranaudo got the call in the decisive third game of the College World Series and look fast in the video of the CWS below and you can see him.   Videos after the jump


Check this out, high leverage situation in the Regionals. Ranaudo picks up the strikeout. Sure. That’s cool. But watch after he comes near the dugout. Typically, pitchers get bounced around, watch at the :45 second mark as two LSU teammates gives some bump love to Ranaudo. Brick. Wall.

An excellent video on the tremendous 2009 LSU World Series Championship series with Texas. Ranaudo did not have a good CWS.