Gorzelanny to Blue Jays? NL Central Roundup


Carlos Mamol is signed as the closer, but the Cubs still need bullpen help Cubbies Crib writes.  Could Blue Jays fastball heavy Jason Frasor be the answer?    Cubbies Crib thinks Tom Gorzelanny could be moved to get the deal done. 

Jon Heyman weighs in on the off-season for the Cubs in this post.  Did they swing and miss?  Heyman says yes.  (He also believes the Pirates did too.)

Blog Red Machine details the idea of a new catcher for the Reds.   A power hitting catcher, wasn’t Ryan Doumit one of those?  

Have the Brewers already lost Prince FielderReviewing the Brew lets you know.   God that would make me happy.

Red Bird Rants remembers Darryl Kile.  What a great article on so many levels.   Did you know Kile never made high school varsity until his junior year.  RIP Darryl

Crawfish Boxes isn’t too thrilled about finishing one win behind the Pirates in 2010.  ‘Extra base hits are heavy artillery’ is a great line…(wouldn’t it be nice if we could write that well?)