Heh, Pedro Alvarez. Come Here. Read This.


Somewhere in Tempe, Arizona, Pedro Alvarez just completed 100 situps while you made love to this picture.

Pedro Alvarez made quite a bit of noise when he signed his contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He is poised to burst onto the scene in 2010 in tremendous physical shape.  There hasn’t been a player of his talent level arrive in Pittsburgh in a long, long time.  So yes, the future is bright again.

But here is what blows my mind.   Alvarez hasn’t even made it to Pittsburgh yet and many people are already talking about his departure.  ”He’s gonna bolt once that contract burns up.  He’s a Scott Boras client.  That’s what Boras does.”

I guess some people aren’t the smelling the roses type.  Me? I can’t wait to enjoy watching Alvarez.  I can’t think far enough ahead I guess.    Rosters are going to turn over in major league baseball.  I am never a guy that gets caught up in what player leaves town.  I can’t control that.  I assume the player knows what he wants, what his dreams and goals are for his career.  It’s important and who am I to worry about somebody elses business anyway?  Plus, I got no money at stake in it, just an emotional investment as a Pirate fan.

But Pedro, that’s a whole different story.  You got the money on the line, man.  And since as Pittsburgh Pirate fans we care about you, in fact, we consider you family.  We wanted you to know this information as soon as we saw it.  We thought you better check out this crazy article.  It basically says Scott Boras does not walk on water.  I say again, does not walk on water.  So you need to ask Boras to explain these situations. 

Sure it’s easy to determine Scott Boras wants paid big bucks.  Who doesn’t?  He doesn’t care how it happens, just pay him and his machine behind him.  Money makes the world go round.  But it says here that he may not be very good at pulling that off on a consistent basis.  Mike Silva’s Baseball Digest has all the details in this story that may help you Pedro.  The link is here.   http://e9szs.th8.us/

Here’s a preview for you man.  Just put the laptop on the floor and keep knocking out those push ups, I will keep it short:

"Manny–………All things added up, Ramirez got a small pay bump, nowhere near the riches he was promised, when he sabotaged his own career in Boston. And for seemingly almost every place outside of Los Angeles.Damon– ………. Too pricey and no longer an option for the Braves, the Tigers, the A’s and the Cubs, and seemingly forced to accept a 4 million dollar deal from the Rays. A far cry from the 13 million he demanded from the Yankees. Out of work, I’m sure there are some nights Damon wished he took the Yankees final offer of 6 million per. Oooops.Holliday–…Ultimately it depends on what Matt Holliday wants. However, there is a strong argument that if he stayed in Denver, Holliday would have been at the core of a very, very good team; earning more money per year for his services than if he followed Scott Boras’ advice.ARod–Now, getting the best contract for your client is one thing—that is all well and good. Burning everything in your path to do so is another matter. Ultimately, Alex Rodriguez, showing an unforeseen welcome judgment many thought he lacked, discarded Boras, approached the Yankees by himself, and negotiated the final contract with the Yankees solo—the only team he wanted to be with anyway. He got a very healthy raise and stands to make even more if he reaches certain criteria (which he most likely will do). One wonders why he needed Boras in the first place."

Pedro, I don’t have any of the other details including the great last few paragraphs about your agent.  Just read it for yourself.  After the millionth push up of course.

In the meantime, the Pirate fans will be patiently waiting your awesomeness to arrive in Pittsburgh.  Because, as you know, for that next big payday  to happen for you and your agent, well, you know, we need you to do something with a Pirate hat on your head.

I’m going to enjoy watching it.

Ahh, the future.   Honey, have you seen my shades?