Carrie Underwood or Christina Aguilera: Who is the Hottest Ever to Sing National Anthem at PNC Park?


Carrie Underwood or Christina Aguilera?  Two singers with varying styles, but who does it the best while also looking the hottest?   We’re dying for the baseball season to start (you cant tell?), so we had this argument yesterday and it really needs settled. For us it came down to these two recording stars, but maybe we forgot somebody.  

Christina Aguilera is a Pittsburgh girl who brings a unique style to the song.  Carrie Underwood was the American Idol winner.  Both ladies look fantastic with a microphone in their hand.

Aguilera has sung at PNC Park and also Penguin games.  In the video below, it looks like she just wrapped up a business meeting at the Duquense Club and rolled up to the Igloo.  (We couldn’t find the footage from PNC Park, but we have witnesses. So we are going with her Penguins performance of the anthem.)

Underwood’s video from PNC Park is below.  She obviously has a more sporty look during her All-Star Game performance.  Check ’em out let us know what you think.

Carrie Underwood