Pittsburgh Pirates Super Bowl Commercial. Home Run or Strikeout?


We were shocked to see our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates on Super Bowl Sunday.  Cool stuff.  The fact the ad was so specific is even more impressive.  No, it won’t be a general commercial that can be used throughout the season.  It’s time stamped

down to the moment it aired on Super Bowl Sunday.  Apparently, it’s a one time shot.

Not sure I’ve seen anyone ever do that before? Has it been done?

Frankly, it surprised us. There was no hype surrounding the ad.  At least none that we saw. There wasn’t a “secret” leak to the Pirate blogs.  No ”mistakenly” letting it be released on YouTube.  No, nothing like that was done.    Oh well.  Hell, I’m not a marketing expert. We don’t know much here at all actually. Tonight, we lucked out and found the ad on YouTube and wanted to share it with you. It had 16 views when we grabbed it to post here for you.  So what do you think of it?

Here’s my thoughts.  First, something exciting is happening on Federal Street.  Can’t say I remember ever seeing a commercial like this for the Pirates.   But  I seriously doubt anyone pulled out their phone and bought tickets in the middle of their Super Bowl party.  That is certainly a measurable stat, maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. So it’s an image move.   The point of the commercial was to create a buzz.

Not sure there was much buzz though…so is that a marketing failure?  We say no.   Perhaps in the future the Bucs will just buzz it up some more, hell, I know a few blogs who could even help get your message out.   RumBunter has a sweet spot for Super Bowl ads. (We ran the Green Police Audi ad because we couldn’t find the Pirates commercial-wow, that scared some people)

So Pittsburgh Pirates, don’t let it be a one time deal, let’s see what you got up your sleeve for next year’s Super Bowl. This could get really cool. Who besides us diehard fans would dream the Pirates could ever be cool again?

Now here’s the questions.  Did you even see it? Do you think the Bucs should continue this SB commercial concept and if so, why?