Mark Madden Is, Always Will Be, King of Pittsburgh Media. Big Ben Interview Proves It


Well, well, well.

Mr. Mark Madden landed Ben Roethlisberger for another interview today.  His Cavalcade of Stars will dwarf  ratings for The Fan in their first week when everyone is giving them a chance.  I listened to The Fan for a little bit. 

There was talk of a janitor doing a trivia contest?  The evening producer, Popjock, was talking about tanning beds.  Perhaps I look for a little more in sports talk.  I like entertainment.  I like the music between the sports talk, between the stars.  Madden just does it better.

When I listened to The Fan last night, I actually heard this quote.  “Not much going on tonight,” as a female talent spoke about sports highlights around 8pm.  If sports is your game, there is always something going on sweetheart.  Its what you do.  Anyway, the Big Ben interview.  Here you go…

Ben said,

he wanted to play against Baltimore.

“I asked Coach Tomlin right after the National Anthem. You still sure you that I can’t play. We still have time.”

Awesome stuff.  And Madden had it.

Madden had the biggest star while the biggest threat to his livelihood, The Fan, didn’t.

Madden was very well prepared, as he always is, he immediately said, Ben you struck at a time of weakness, you are to be commended.

Ben also couldn’t say enough about the offense, his comments to Hines Ward after the Costas interview, and what the defense tells him about the offense and their passing.

We won’t steal all the quotes.  That’s not cool.  The Super Genius will have a podcast up on his site. Go dig it up on his blog. We are lucky to have a professional like Madden who works hard to provide the best sports talk show in town.   But that isn’t enough for Madden, he also does it in an entertaining fashion which dominates the target market of the station. 

Does he get into all the stats and details?  No. He doesn’t have to. Only bad blogs like this one have to do crap like that.   Double M said this to a caller that mentioned that he thought The Fan was covering topics MM had covered on his shows days ago (Expectations for Pitt Panthers Basketball.)

“If you were an aspiring painter, wouldn’t you want you to copy Rembrandt?” Hilarious.

Here is the thing, even though The Fan copies the stories.  They just can’t touch the topic like MM does.

Never will.


P.S.   When MM was asked why he has porn stars on the show?  ”The Pope won’t do it.  The President won’t do it.  Hillary Clinton won’t do it.”