Ross Ohlendorf Interview on Madden



Ross Ohlendorf was on Mark Maddens’ Cavalcade of Stars today.  

While the New York Yankees had him working in the bullpen, Ohlendorf mentioned he loves the fact

he came to Pittsburgh because he was able to start . ” From a career standpoint it was a great opportunity …. atlhough being a Yankee was special….I’m really happy in Pittsburgh.  The city is much more liveable…. Great fans.”

Ross talks about his out pitch.  He mentions how he used to get more ground balls.  He discusses the importance of fastball command to either side of the plate.  Slider was his good pitch.  He mentions, ”I didnt use my changeup much last year.  I am going to work on throwing it a lot in spring training.  Its going to be something I work on…”

If Ross develops his changeup into an effective pitch this season….watch out.

He also talks about whiffing three batters in one inning with nine pitches.  You gotta go hear it just for this…. Madden podcast Ohlendorf also talks longhorns with MM which is quite hilarious.  Not a dog lover?  Get a longhorn.  If Ohlendorf wins 15 games he will be going on Madden to do something special. Enjoy