Vegas Live: Pirate Fan Needs Help


What a difference 14 months make.  Our beloved Pirates sit as a big underdog with  125 to 1 odds for winning the 2010 World Series.   Take a deep breath.  I have been staring at this board all night long.

Sure the Pittsburgh Pirates are way down at wager number 5026.   But heh, the Bucs are on the board!  Remember when they weren’t even listed on this Bellagio board in December 2008 at the Winter Meetings?  AP Writer Ron Blum had the scoop.

"The team names are spelled in lights on a huge board at the Bellagio Race and Sports Book, above dozens of padded brown seats: The Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are 5-1 co-favorites to win next year’s World Series, followed by the Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees at 6-1.Twenty-six teams in all are listed. Sorry, no room for San Diego, Washington, Kansas City and Pittsburgh.Viva Las Vegas.Welcome to a winter meetings like no other, where the lobby bar sells not hot dogs but Tzar Imperial Transmontanous caviar and foie gras terrine."

The favorite on the board to be the 2010 World Series Champion is the New York Yankees at 5 to 2.   The Phillies and Red Sox are at 5 to 1.

For fellow NL Central teams it’s like this:  the Cardinals and Cubs are at 8/1,  Reds 30/1, Brewers 40/1,  Astros 70/1

The future wagering odds on the Pirates winning the National League title are 70/1.

Elsewhere on the board to be the NL Central Champions, the Cards are at 4/1.  The Cubs 5/1.  Reds 12/1.  The Brewers 20/1 and the Astros are sitting at 30/1

What is a Pirate fan to do?  What would you do?