Charlie Morton, the Blogger, Gets the Facts on Pedro Alvarez Homer


The ‘hated’ Manatees are these guys, don’t be confused by the cute new logo:

The loved Manatees are these guys:


WHYGAVS  breaks down perhaps the best moment in yesterday’s crushing defeat at the hands of Team Canada.


NewBucs has some cool  new performance charts  up on his site, check them out.    


Blogging with a vigor as nasty as he throws, Charlie Morton  is great at this  blogging gig.  Check it out here at Pirates Report where Morton said, “”I’ll address a number of subjects both on and off the field. It will be a fun project.”

I admit, I wasn’t expecting much, but Morton knocks our socks off with some good stuff.    Morton dug up one of the best scoops of  spring training:

"It was apparently reported in a reputed Pittsburgh newspaper that Pedro Alvarez took Kevin Hart deep to opposite field the other day. Now I’m not one to fight the media juggernaut, but I am here to tell the truth to anyone that will listen. I sought out both parties involved that day and spoke to both about the occurrence. Brace yourselves for this — Pedro himself confirmed that the ball didn’t leave the yard, or if it did, it wasn’t on the fly  this link is hilarious as he compares his well, nevermind, just read it."