Lunch!! Lineups, Links, Kevin Goldstein on Jason Heyward


Why isn’t Andrew McCutchen hitting third?   How often have you heard someone say that?  What was your answer?  Matt from Pittsburgh Lumber Company takes a look at exactly what is the best Pirate lineup?   Read it and then promise me something.  When someone brings up this question, remember Matt’s well researched article.  

My thought has always been Cutch could eventually be a nice three hitter, but isn’t that considerable pressure to put on a player in his second year?  Cutch is tremendous at the top of the order.

Pirates WFC also took a look at the Cutch third question in this post.  


From Rob Biertempfel todays lineups

McCutchen, CF

Crosby, SS

Milledge, LF

Church, RF

Clement, 1B

Alvarez, DH

LaRoche, 3B

Young, 2B

Jaramillo, C


McLouth, CF

Heyward, RF

Jones, 3B

Glaus, 1B

McCann, C

Diaz, LF

Hinske, DH

Infante, SS

Conrad, 2B


A look ahead at Phillies blog writer JK.   ThatBallsOuttaHere is his blog.    He is a funny, funny man.  In this post, he takes a look at the rematch between the Yankees and Phillies today.  The Bucs and Phillies play Saturday and if JK isn’t doing standup at The Funny Bone, we hope to get some of his thoughts in the game preview.


Kevin Goldstein in BP PremiumWhy Heyward is in Atlanta on Opening Day.   A great story.  Here is a tidbit:

"Last year, Jason Heyward spent a surprising amount of time in the big league camp.  Despite being a teenager coming off a year spent primarily at Low-A, Heyward was still hanging out with the big boys long after most had received their minor league assignment.  I talked to someone close to the situation to find out if we were in line for a big surprise, but I was informed that nothing was out of the ordinary and that Heyward would begin the 2009 season at High-A Myrtle Beach.  So why was he yet to be assigned?  The answer was quite simple.  “Frankly, it’s just because Bobby Cox likes watching him play so damn much,” said the source."