Kevin Goldstein’s Organizational Rankings, Bottom 15/Feeders


Kevin Goldstein has moved the  Pittsburgh Pirates up in his annual rankings.  Check out the other NL Central teams that are ranked even lower than the Bucs at Baseball Prospectus.   Does number 30 make you smile? 

Yet another reminder of how far we have to go Pirates fans.  Here is what Goldstein had to say.  Pitching.  Pitching. Pitching.


21. Pittsburgh Pirates
Last Year’s Ranking: 22
Why They Are Here: While the Pirates are improving under their new administration, it’s really just baby steps as of yet; having Pedro Alvarez saves them from a much lower ranking. There isn’t a pitcher at the upper levels worth talking about other than Brad Lincoln, whose ceiling is likely that of a fourth starter.
Where They Will Be Next Year: Pittsburgh picks second overall in June, but after taking Tony Sanchez with the fourth overall pick last year, one wonders if a potential impact player is guaranteed to be selected by them there. Still, they went after plenty of young, over-slot pitching after the first round, and they need some of them to step forward.