Top Ten: 2010 MLB Team Commercials


The best marketing efforts from some of Major League Baseball’s  forward thinkers are featured with  the Seattle Mariners and Colorado Rockies cranking out the best videos.  

The Rockies Jim Tracy Manager of the Year commercial takes our number one spot, because we found it to be the funniest.  It starts a little slow, but  the last four seconds of the video are hilarious.  The A’s and Mets brought up the rear in our poll especially since we don’t believe in Mets comebacks, despite Jason Bays’ cameo.   We also laughed at the  Mariners Jack Z on the driving range which you can find in the last video in this post, it also includes some funny behind the scenes footage.   The commercials start after the jump…

The bullpen commercial leads this off, and a few of the other Mariner’s commercials including Jack Z at the driving range.  It also has behind the scene clips.

Suprisingly, most MLB teams don’t have their commercials online, the last time I checked it was still free to post videos.    The Pirates had a Super Bowl commercial, but we’ve seen nothing since.