Who Are You Cheering For This Year?


If you’re sick of hearing all the bleak, last place finishing previews of your favorite team, you have come to the right place.  I have to admit, I can’t read past the first few lines in much of anything that pertains to the Pirates this week.  So here you go, the outfield edition of Who Are You Cheering For in 2010?

Our tickets at the opener put us closest to Lastings Milledge.  He is also the player I will be watching the closest.  Can Milledge prove he is the best situational hitter in the Pirates lineup?  Milledge is a player I want to see bust out in 2010.  Check out his 2010 commercial and the article on his 2009 performance at these two links. [Milledge 2010 Pirate Commercial]  [Milledge Missing and Weak Link in 2009]

Andrew McCutchen is back for his sophomore season.  Is there anything you see, hear, or read that shows he was satisfied with his performance last season?  Nope.  Me either.  He has much to prove in 2010 and I plan on enjoying every single minute.  [2010 Pirate Commercial.  McCutchen]   [Face of the Franchise.  RumBunter]


I want to see Garrett Jones hit bombs.  Long, screaming line drive bombs.  I will be happy with two. (in the opener.)  [2010 Pirate Commercical.  GFJ]