King of Pittsburgh Media Mark Madden Laps The Fan. Seven Times.


Mark Madden, the King of Pittsburgh media has done it again.  Madden just mentioned on his show he pulled a 21.9.  The rookie in town, 93.7 the Fan, didn’t come close.

Here are the latest weekly radio ratings available for the 3-6 p.m. time slot in the key male demographics:

Men 18-35: WXDX-FM 21.9; WEAE-AM 2.8; KDKA-FM 2.8.

Men 25-54: WXDX-FM 14.6; WEAE-AM 5.5; KDKA-FM 3.5.

We were in Vegas and we told you the interview the Fan did was weak.  We were ripped for it.  Who cares.  The Fan wasn’t prepared.

We also told you the Fan would get some good guests.  But remember…the Fan doesn’t get the one guest that is, and always will be, the King of Pittsburgh sports.

Mr. Madden produced the King of Pittsburgh sports.  The Fan didn’t. 

Meanwhile, Double M will always produce.  Mr. Madden is the host you can’t miss.  Mr. Madden is the show.  Mr. Madden always will be the show.   The Super Genius is the biggest money mouth in town, even when the biggest threat to his wallet in the form of 93.7 the Fan rolled into town.   Mr. Madden didn’t flinch even though Double M is handcuffed with a less than desirable format.   The Fan handcuffed themselves when they went out of market by landing people who on their first night couldn’t pronounce Kent Tekulve’s name and didn’t know who Freddy Sanchez was traded for last year.

Mr. Madden reminds me of the King of Pittsburgh sports, Big Ben.  When the game is on  the line, my money is riding with the Super Genius and the King of Pittsburgh sports, Big Ben.  You don’t have to like them, but you can trust them to produce what Pittsburgh is looking for in sports and behind the microphone.