Pirate Fans: Take a Peek Down at the NL Central Standings [NLC Updates, Links & Videos]


The Pirates

are atop the NL Central.  So we thought it would make sense to take a look in the rear view mirror.

The Cubs limp out of Atlanta at 1-2.  A fan does a nice post on John Grabow at Goat Riders.  I hate the Cubs. [Goat Riders]

Milwaukee Brewer fans like to tweet when Doug Davis pitches. Miller Park Drunk compiles the best tweets here.    My favorite is from AdamMcCalvy:  It took Doug Davis 18 minutes to get his first out. I know he works slow, but…..#Brewers (2-1)

The Cards failed to sweep the Reds.  Ryne at RBRants gives us the rundown.  I hate the Cards (2-1) and Reds (1-2).  [RedBird Rants]

There were no spinning mustache growing celebrations yesterday:


The Astros (0-3) got swept at home.  They miss Lance Berkman.  How much?  Read it here.  Oh, yeh.  I hate the Astros too.


A hot spring doesn’t necessarily mean a hot start.  James Bailey of Hardball Cooperative takes a look at this post.  Yeh, Garrett Jones gets mentioned.