Dad, Who Are Bo Jackson and Neon Deion?


Mitch Williams is an analysts on MLB Network.  He is damn fun to watch.  Last night he had some nice things to say about Andrew McCutchen calling him the fastest player he has seen on the diamond since Bo Jackson and Neon Deion Sanders.

I shared those comments with some friends and my son Brody.  Unfortunately, since he is six years old, Brody never got to see Bo and Deion play and he asked me who they were. I tried to explain that these two men were remarkable players.  My kid, I call him The Franchise, wanted to hear nothing of it.  As he shook his head he said, ”they look like football players to me Dad, not ball players.”  Well, son they were both I tried to explain.  He looked confused walking away with his Cutch jersey hanging off his shoulder.   If he only knew.

So yeh, I felt old, but perhaps, you have forgotten Bo and Deion too.  It has been a long time since they played.   If so, here are some video reminders I showed Brody.  My favorite line from these videos is this one….”Mister!  Don’t you got a football game to go to?”: