An Inconvenient Truth: Pirates Swept by Brewers 36-1


Pirate fans, it was an epic loss.  The worst in history. It was Earth Day. We were there.  We do have some pictures, details, and more stuff we will get up later.  But first, please let me wipe all of the blood of my camera lens, my new Pirates hat (that once was a pile of plastic bottles), face, neck, clothes and shoes.  I just witnessed a freakin massacre.  Thanks Brewers.  I

hate you Milwaukee Brewers.

Can the day get much worse? My updated post just got swallowed.

The Pens lost in triple overtime.

Our server is giving us hell because we are getting hammered with traffic from the NFL Draft.  We have the best coverage live from NY.  Not the regurge.  Check it out at

I uploaded a key situation which angered me greatly at the game.  Go to the Facebook page to check it out

It’s 3:15am, I am off the site until later tonight.  Enjoy your weekend, we will get some great stuff together this weekend. Don’t miss it.  Go Bucs!