Andrew McCutchen Scoffs at Your Sophomore Jinx [VIDEO]


That low groan in the midwest today?  That was the soul of the Brewers being pulled ripped from their bodies as the Pittsburgh Pirates took the series behind Andrew McCutchen.

That sucking sound down South?  That is the 2009 NL Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan failing to live up to last years performance.  As mentioned in the post by Duk, Coghlan will now be sharing at bats due to his .179 average, the .220 OBP, and the .179 slugging.  Huh.

McCutchen was named the Baseball America Rookie of the Year in 2009. In 21 games this season, Cutch checks in among the top 30 NL leaders in three offensive categories:  He leads the league in stolen bases with 10, he has 27 hits, and has scored 14 runs.

In Milwaukee yesterday, Andrew McCutchen continued to do work.  He has not produced this year at the same pace he did while hitting in the  2009 Pirates leadoff spot.  However, saying Cutch hasn’t produced like last year is only because of the high expectations of Pirates fans.   McCutchen is electric.  Under an open Miller Park roof, he began to spark his team as the Bucs took game three in the series with the beer makers.

For the second time this season, Cutch batted in the third spot in the anemic Pirate lineup today.  He had two homeruns, and two singles.  We absolutely hate the decision to move Cutch down in the order this year, but there still is no denying he does Bad Things.

So let’s get this correct.  The analysts will say that Coghlan typically stinks in the first half of the season.  Oh, I see. So keep the first half stench and your ROY trophy. Pirates fans will take McCutchen and his first half heroics.   Bad Things Man.