Your Happy Place: Take a Closer Look at the Pirates Homeruns


Everyone loves the long ball.  The Pirates have hit some big ones this young season.  Sit back and enjoy a few of our favorites.  You earned it.  Let us know if we missed one of your favorites.  All data is courtesy of HitTracker

Garrett Jones has hit four homeruns each of them are plotted below.  The average true distance of his home runs is 397.5′ and speed off the bat was 101.8 mph.

  Video 2-run shot Opener   Video solo Opener    Video 7April   Video23Apr


Andrew McCutchen has four bombs plotted below to a nice average of 404′ and the average speed off the bat was 103mph.  In the Army, we called this a nice shot pattern.

  Video 11April  Video 28April  Video MayDay[watch close and you will see the catch made by the fan from Dodgers Films we linked below, just too cool!  He skied for that ball!]


Jeff Clement has three homeruns shown below to average a true distance of 388.3′ and speed off the bat of 105 mph.

Video 23April  Video 10Apr


Ryan Doumit has hit three bombs this season which are shown below.  Two were ‘plenty deep’ and the big one was a no doubter.

Video 400′ Opener Video 407′ Go-ahead slam vs BrewCrew Video 364′ blast tied it up in ninth

Andy LaRoche has hit the bomb of the year thus far for the Bucs a 429 foot no doubter off Brandon Medders in the ninth inning on April 13.  Video