Top 10 Reasons Why Wrigley Field Rules


10.  The scoreboard.  Obviously fair weather fans wouldn’t understand why there isn’t a video screen.  It was difficult for my PNC Park raised six year old to understand. The first sentence from his mouth was, “where is the video board, Dad?”   He has been raised on Mrs. T’s Pieroge races, Matt Capps bull rider videos, five million decibel players entrance music, a sensory overload of more in park entertainment than I ever realized (for obvious reasons,) of course how could I forget Parrot and his hot dog cannon.  That ain’t Wrigley.

9.  Old Style Beer.  Think cold Iron with a splash of PBR.

8.  The Win Flag.  We didn’t see one flying so we headed to the vendors outside Wrigley to get a shot.  Explain to me one more time why it’s so complicated to raise a jolly roger at PNC?  Seriously.  What freaking genius nixed that idea? 

7. Minimal Corporate Vibe:  Take a look closely at the doors on the outfield wall, that is about all you see from a corporate branding standpoint.   On the backstop wall is the other location we noticed, but only because the Juicy Fruit image rotated up during the game.  But the backstop signs were difficult to see from our seats.  The tarp cover and Comcast sign look like they could disappear at anytime with a strong breeze.

6.  Singing as Loud as Possible.  Who doesn’t love Take Me Out to the Ballgame?  You’re obviously an alien.

5.  The Pagentry set the tone for me.

4.  Leave your seat….you’re on your own.  The game is on the radio in the bathroom  we used, but barely audible.  Almost as if screaming to you, ” Get in your seat you so called baseball fan!”   There is a patio behind the press box with a bar, but no TV’s.  What?  You want entertainment?  It’s on the field.

3.  Creative Vendors

2.  Wrigley Rooftops.  We like stuff no other ball park has, it’s a curse.  I wanna sit up here next time. 

1.  Cubs Fans  Is there a more loyal or dedicated fan base?