What Happens on Neal Huntingtons Desk?


Looking at this picture made me think a little bit.  Not many people on the planet

saw last night’s game in Philadelphia coming.  It was great to get a winning road trip, it was also cool to have all the pictures for you to enjoy from the trip.  Last night GFJ sure made us look good didn’t he?  But looking at the Bucs lineup it is becoming stamped with players  Neal Huntington and his staff have acquired in various ways.  It is starting to look like what he came here to do.

The fact that the guy works handcuffed makes it even better.  Sure you say, but isn’t it just a stop gap lineup?  No doubt.  The team ooozes with an overall lack of talent, but has been playing with some heart lately.  I don’t like talking about it, because it can’t be proven or measured, but I saw some pride out there last night.

The players seem to realize, finally, that June is coming.  The kids at AAA Indy are glaring at the big boys table and there are some empty seats.  The kids need fed soon.

The players that were acquired during Huntingtons’ tenure include a number of players that were high risk/high reward, the traditional  ”big upside.”   But not all of the players have delivered when given an opportunity of a lifetime.  For some, it looks like it could be the last.

For very few, it will work out.

My final thought:  For what the Bucs had to offer in trade, the player acquisitions were good.  Why Neal Huntington doesn’t have a contract extension is mind numbing, but it’s probably more head games from the Bucs.  However, isn’t it time to put aside whatever is occuring with players that Huntington and his team didn’t acquire?  Steve Pearce?  Neil Walker?

[Tip of the cap to LastingsMilledgeHitch  for the photoshop.]