Garrett Jones Action Hero Night at PNC Park


Garrett Jones has his own

giveaway tonight at PNC Park as the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Atlanta Braves.    The rain has been periodic throughout the day.

Charlie Morton will pitch for the Pirates.  I say he will have a rabbit foot in both back pockets.  Morton has struggled this year.  He has the lowest left on base percentage of any pitcher and hence an awful 9.68 ERA.  Who else do the Pirates have right now though?

"“We’re still very confident in Charlie,” manager John Russell said. “He’s going to be fine. We’ve seen progress. He’s not going to cruise through the rest of the season. He’s going to have some bumps in the road.”"

Troy Glaus is 27-for-74 in the month of May.  He didn’t have a hit last night at PNC Park.

Jason Heyward has a .469 OBP in May.

NL Player of the Week was Martin Prado  who has multi-hit games in seven of the past twelve contests for the Braves.

Although Derek Lowe has never lost to the Bucs (7-0), he has a shaky 5.47 ERA this season and I still feel really good about the Bucs tonight.  Wow.  Wait a minute…..who is batting first?  Holy jumping jingle balls, sorry I gotta stop…