Hmmm….Brad Lincoln Pushed Back a Day at AAA Indy


Tonights rain delay turned me into a Twitter voyeur.  Please don’t hate me for it.  But check it out.  Everyone knows I am watching for the Pirates infantry troops to be called up into this battle that has Pirates fans staring up at the usual suspects in the NL Central.

This team needs help.  We’ve posted about it heavily for days now.  Tonight’s subject on Twitter was RHP Brad Lincoln.  Specifically the peculiar push back of his scheduled start tonight.

Dejan Kovacevic, Pirate beat writer and Scott McCauley, guru of the pipes for AAA Indianapolis tweeted this back and forth today beginning around 3pm.  For those unfortunate enough not to follow me on the beautiful application known as Twitter, Iwill let you know what I am thinking.  I believe I am going crazy in anticipation of the troops to arrive.

Dejan says the move “means little.”  Really?

Scott McCauley provides the proof. Really?

I’m confused. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Now this clears it up for me.

Frank Coonelly addressed the topic in a roundabout way today in the Pirates chat:

Why would Brad Lincoln be pushed back a day after learning that Lincoln has thrown the fifth fewest pitches in the International League?   If you follow me on Twitter, you just might find out what I am guessing.