Pirates Draft Picks That Interest Us


The Pirates own the 52nd, 84th, 117th, and will likely hold every 30th pick afterwards.    Have faith.

The Pirates have no extra picks, so we would expect to see some overslot deals.  It could mean some holdouts and the non-Tony Sanchez approach with later starts for the picks that come in the later rounds for whatever reason.  Look at how Sanchez has done because he got signed and got to work.

Most people have heard about the Pirates top pick, but I get the look for these players

to come the Pirates way.

Addison Reed

6’3″  215 pounds.  Reed pitched on the staff at San Diego State with Stephen Strasburg.   The Pirates scouts are said to like him.  He was a bullpen guy early at SDSU, a setup guy, then the closer.   His slider is disgusting.   He developed into a starter and the transformation has been impressive.  He had 90 strikeouts in 79.1 innings.  He has three pitches.  I wouldn’t be disappointed to see the Bucs use their second pick on him.

Daniel Tillman

He is a RHP from Florida Southern.  6’1″ 205 pounds.  He is a reliever that hasn’t faced high level competition.  He has the stuff.  He can reach 95mph on his fastball routinely.  He didn’t allow a run last summer in the Cape league.   He is signable.  Scouts think he will be a set-up man, is it enough to go after him in the third or fourth round?  Eh….could be.

Jake Thompson

In the early high school graduation path of Harper, Thompson is a RHP from Long Beach State.  The fastball sits at 91-94 and has reached 96mph.  He could go in the fourth, fifth or sixth round.  He is an interesting talent if his curve was a little sharper and he could improve an already average changeup.   He is 6’3″ and weighs 225.

Burch Smith

No relation to me.  Could be a huge upside guy.  RHP  fastball reaches 95mph, sits at 91-93mph.  Howard Jr. College.  He was picked by the Indians last year.  Could be a third or fourth round pick.  Signable.

 An interesting story from Forbes on the MLB draft.