RumBunter Picks the Top Ten in the 2010 MLB Draft


The Pittsburgh Pirates are going to make me very happy today.  No, the game today didn’t but very soon we all should be smiling.  Whether it’s the SS or the pitcher.  It’s going to be good.

1. Nationals – Bryce Harper.  He’s really good.

2. Pirates – Jameson Taillon.  RHP.  The Woodlands High School.  Texas.  6’6″ 225 pounds.  Born: 18Nov1991.  Commited to Rice.  He comes from the same high school as Kyle Drabek, the first round pick of the Phillies a few years ago.   To think the scouts are saying that Taillon is a better prospect than Drabek is mind blowing.  Some feel he is good enough to get profesional hitters out now.

The guy could be a future ace.  As in near future, because his heater is a plus pitch sitting at 94-96 mph.  He has touched 99 this spring.  Some feel he is so smooth he could increase his velocity a tick or two on the gun.  He has a plus second pitch in his curve ball.  He also throws a slider as well as a change-up which is remarkable for a high school pitcher.  He doesn’t have a great feel for it, but it shouldn’t take long.

He will want paid.  Big time.  The Pirates will do it, but it won’t be an easy task.  Because this kid is the best high school pitcher scouts have seen in a long, long time, he is going to want to be paid as such which could mean a long, long wait.

 3. Orioles – Manny Machado.   The kid they are saying could be the next A-Rod goes to the O’s

4. Royals – Chris Sale.  The tall-lanky lefty will head to KC.    Sale was drafted out of high school but didnt sign.  (Royals 2007, 21st round)  His three quarters release point is a concern for some.  Apparently, not enough for the Royals.

5. Indians – Michael Choice.  Big bat.  But a reach?

6. Diamondbacks – Matt Harvey.  The guy has rocketed up the charts.   Pay Boras.

7. Mets – Zack Cox.   The bat is too sexy to pass up.

8. Astros – Drew Pomeranz.  I think the Indians would surely want Pomeranz, but just a gut feeling here that he drops into the Astros laps.   But do they really like the high school kids that much?  I hope so, but…..

9. Padres – Nick Castellanos.  Big, solid thirdbaseman with power potential.

10. Athletics – Justin O’Connor.  Damn you Indians!

I seriously threw darts on this forever.