Ian Snell Can Always Play Softball if this Pitching Gig Doesn’t Work Out.


Former Pirates pitcher Ian Snell was staked to a two-run lead last night.  Snell then went to the mound to face the Texas Rangers and five outs later had allowed eight runs.  When Seattle manager Don Wakamatsu came to the mound to talk with Snell, the stadium PA Announcer played this song:

But in true Snell fashion, he has made waves, and after last night appears headed for the highway.  Surely this comment I picked up from the Seattle PI Blog  and the  Seattle Times  don’t help his case.

"Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu had suggested after Snell’s last outing, a loss to the Angels, that the pitcher had thrown too many pitches and slowed up the “tempo” of the game for his fielders. I have no comment on what he says, Snell said then. He can say whatever he wants. He’s the manager. I’m just going to leave it at that.I’ve got pretty much nothing else to say about my tempo and whatever. I’m working on it. I’m trying my best. That’s all I can do is give my best. I’m human. I’m not superman. That’s all I’ve got."

But remember, don’t worry for Ian.  He can always return to his church softball team.  [I will tease you with an excerpt below…]

"Then the talking stopped as an indescribable woman enters our man space. Some snicker, some stare, and for some reason I snap a picture with the camera.  The pictures might explain that.  But her words were worth a thousand bucks on this bright sunny day in the city I love, Bradenton, Florida.She slowly walked down in front of a child happily playing catch against the stairs as his Mom enjoyed the sun.  She walked very slowly down the stadium steps twirling her dirty hair which was covered by a camoflauge hat with each flip-flopped step she took. At least ten people were shaking their heads by now.  Did I mention she was moving very slowly?   She leaned over the railing, (I swear it took her ten seconds) and said something I will remember forever….,“Heh…you…. yeh you,” as she pointed her index finger,  “you’re Ian Snell right?"


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