Zach Duke has been awful. 
Zach Duke has been awful. 
Zach Duke has been awful. 

McCutchen Talks with Baseball Prospectus, Rum Rants, Links-Why Not Morris?


Zach Duke has been awful.  Minus five and a half VORP.  What happened to our All-Star? 


Are the Pirates missing the boat with Social Media?  Two Pittsburgh teams are in the top 32, that’s a record.  Where are the Pirates?  Coyle Media   is a cool site that tracks Twitter followers and Facebook fans.   I think you will be surprised.


Andrew McCutchen still says ”wow.”  His interview with Baseball Prospectus  is very well

done.  Cutch might write a book one day?  Hell, what a talent.  Here’s a tease.

"AM: I think that it should be more than just not winning. I think the question should be, “How does it feel to play in Pittsburgh, and wanting to win?—not “not winning.” I believe that we look at things backwards here. I think we should look at “How do we win,” not “How do we keep losing?” I believe that we should be more positive. We are positive—our team is positive—and I believe that the only way we can turn this around, to where the fans can actually believe in us, is if we actually win, so it’s more than talking. It’s more than just talking about it; you have to be about it as well. We can say that we have a good team, or we can say that things are changing, but numbers don’t lie. Until that changes, it’s the way the [attitude] outside of here will be. All I can say for that is that we just have to stay positive. That goes for the fans as well.  They have to just hang in there with us, because things will eventually turn around."

I’m still pumped about the thoughts of how this can work out for the future:

Rocco Demaro is a talented guy.  His new blog provides cool links like this you are not alone, there are pockets of resistance all around the planet….on top of his wealth of Pirates knowledge. 

If you’re looking for Pirates draft insight on the many selections the Bucs took, head over to Bucco Fans and see all of the player pages Tim has created.  Great stuff.  We have the team working on videos and we are shooting to get those up this weekend for some of the interesting picks.   I have seen some of them and it’s exciting. 

So Brad Lincoln was first.  Why not Bryan Morris?  It’s a helluva wild idea.  Here is a tease to get your lazy ass to go check it out…

"My initial reaction was – that’s insane.. I’m not an advocate of starting clocks for players who don’t have a support system around or behind them. Then I asked three scouts who have watched Morris throw this year – all of them previously affiliated – if he could survive and all three were quick to say his stuff is"

More PhotoShops coming later today….